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Historical Timeline

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Norwood's History


Norwood's Humble Beginning

The city traces its roots to a tavern and a general store built on a crossroads. The area began to develop around these two businesses and was originally called "Sharpsburg" after the general store's owner.  A local by the name of Sarah Bolles suggested "Norwood" as a nicer name and it stuck.


Railroads Bring Change

Railroads saw the chance to build railroads through Norwood which brought with it increased wealth and population.


Norwood Becomes a Village

As the population continued to grow, Norwood was finally incorporated into Hamilton County as an official village.


Officially a City

 Norwood became a city on May 4, 1903.


Modern Day Norwood

Norwood was a manufacturing hub for the first half of the century.  It steadily transitioned towards a focus in retail and business, which is what the city is known for today.


The Future Is Bright

With a strong community and a government dedicated to the people, there is no telling where Norwood can go!