Environmental Health

Helpful Info:

  • Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3717 | Retail Food Establishments; Food Service Operations


  • Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3749 | Swimming Pools


  •  Norwood Codified Ordinance CHAPTER 1759 | Trees, Weeds and Grass


  •  Norwood Codified Ordinance CHAPTER 1761 | Tobacco Product Sales

https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/norwood/latest/norwood_oh/0-0-0-31146Tobacco 21

  • Norwood Codified Ordinance Part Seventeen |  Health Code



Norwood Recycling

Want to learn more about how to recycle in Norwood? Read this Recycling Information (PDF). Not only can you obtain a recycling bin for free, but you can also help preserve our environment and increase the amount of funding received by the city so that we can get things like new bleachers in our parks, among other things.

Rabies Form

If you would like to file a rabies complaint from an animal bite or learn more about rabies, please read and fill out the Rabies Complaint Animal Bite Form (PDF).

Learn About Rabies (PDF)

Norwood Inspection Reports 

2022 Safe Drinking Water Report

Information on the 2022 Safe Drinking Water Report (PDF) is out.

Water splashing into a glass from a kitchen faucet (JPG)