Meter Reading

How Meter Reading Works

Meter readings are obtained quarterly (once every 3 months) by the city's meter reader. If the meter reader is not able to gain access to the property (most water meters in Norwood are located in the basement), they will leave a blue card on the front door (unless another location is requested through the office).

The blue card is your indication that we need you to submit a reading to us at this time. It is highly important that you submit a customer reading to us. Not only will the reading determine your quarterly billing amount, but it can also potentially alert us to a leak inside the residence. Early detection of leaks can save you from extensive property damage as well as reduce charges on future water bills. If we do not get a reading, the computer will automatically generate an estimated bill based on the history of the account.

The month your account is read is based on which district you are in. The district you are in is indicated with the letter at the beginning of your account number.

Reading Months

  • A district: February, May, August, November
  • B district: March, June, September, December
  • C district: January, April, July, October

Options To Obtain Water Meter Reading

  • Allow our meter reader access to the basement (The most accurate and efficient option)
    • Provide us with a key to the basement door
    • Request the meter reader knock on the door if someone is typically at home
  • Fill out the blue card left on the door and mail it in
  • Fill out the blue card left on the door and put it in our secure dropbox (located next to the Norwood City Hall on Elm Avenue)
  • Call 513-458-4518, select option 1, and leave it on our automated meter reading line. While leaving the message, make sure to include:
    • The service address
    • The account number
    • The meter reading
    • Your call back number
    • Your name

Types of Meters in Use

The following images can help you correctly self-meter-read and fill out your blue card. Currently, there are 4 types of meters in use in Norwood. Use the aerial and side pictures of each meter type to ensure you are reading the correct water meter and not the gas meter.

Meter 1

Meter 1, aerial view
Meter 1, side view

Meter 2

Meter 2, aerial view
Meter 2, side view

Meter 3

Meter 3, aerial view
Meter 3, side view

Meter 4

Meter 4, aerial view
Meter 4, side view

Tips To Read Your Water Meter

  • Most water meters in Norwood are located in the basement on the front wall of the house (the wall closest to the street).
  • Water meters are generally located low to the floor, around knee level or below. (If it is near your head or shoulders, it is most likely the Duke Energy meter).
  • Some water meters will still have the lid on them, some lids are missing. We do not need the serial number printed on the lid; we are looking for the number listed on the dial.
  • It is similar to reading an old-fashioned car odometer. Most water meters are 6 digits (some only have 5 digits). Read all 6 (or 5) numbers, including any zeros at the beginning and end. The first 3 (or 4) numbers will be black on a white background and the last 2 numbers will be white on a black background.