Norwood City Board of Health

Welcome to the Norwood City Board of Health

The Norwood City Board of Health was founded in 1890 and was originally located in the basement of the City Municipal Building. Because of the growing population and the need for expanded services and space, the City of Norwood constructed the building located at 2059 Sherman Avenue. Many residents remember receiving oral polio sugar cubes and vaccinations at the health department. We are mindful of the sacrifices that those before us made in bringing public health to the city.


The Norwood City Board of Health (NCBH) creates a culture of health equity by providing opportunities for people to reach their optimal health during their lifespan.


The mission of the Norwood City Board of Health (NCBH) is to improve the health and quality of life in our community by pursuing the goals of public health:  prevention of disease, promoting healthy living, and protecting against public health threats.


The Norwood City Board of Health (NCBH) is committed to decisions and actions based on these values:   

Healthy People in Healthy Communities

Equity and social justice

Accountability and integrity

Leadership and innovation

Trust and transparency


Theoretical Framework

"The 10 Essential Public Health Services provide the framework for public health to protect and promote the health of all people in all communities" (  

Norwood City Board of Health is now offering free COVID test kits.


The UC Health Mobile Mammography unit staff and The Norwood Health Department Staff.

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